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Case Closed [Moved]

Hanna has, along with the entire Polychromatic community, moved over to Dreamwidth. This journal is now an archive for his past posts.

Character Info

For your convenience :)

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Got a question? Comment? Complaint? Confused?

This is where you go. Here is my contact info for ya'll. I looove constructive criticism/improving myself, so feel free to let me know what you think!! :D

[character name]: Hanna Falk Cross
[series]: Hanna Is Not a Boys Name
[player eljay]: geogirl15
[messenger]: FoxPrincess40 (aim)
[e-mail]: FoxPrincess40@aim.com
[4th walling?]: Not this time, sorry!


Case 218

Not gonna lie to you all. I'm bored.

Bored and suspicious. There's been a distinct lack of curses since the end of last month...and I'm very suspicious here.

They're planning something, aren't they...or am I just being paranoid? I dunno. I've been here too long, I think.

Ah well.

I'm gonna go and scrape up some information, see if I can figure out why there's a sudden lull in curses...anybody in?

Case 217 [Accidental Video]

[The device gets turned on when Hanna moves to grab the tv remote. He's curled up on the couch, wrapped in several blankets, Little Sam sleeping by his side with his head on Hanna's lap. He looks exhausted and sort of grey, and his nose is red. Very, very red.

It's a red lightbulb that flickers every time he sneezes.]

Sammy, there's nothing on tv today...why are Tuesdays the days with the most dead air?

[He sounds conjested, and Little Sam barks in response.]

Ugh...I'll get up and get a movie...Manos okay? I've got the MST3K version...

[Little Sam barks again, making Hanna smile as he scratches his dog's ears.]

...gonna make some tea too...feel like ugh....

Case 216 [Action]

[Hanna's whistling to himself as he decorates the outside of his apartment, getting up a wreath, tinsle, lights...the whole big, gaudy shabang.

He doesn't seem to notice the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. Somebody should really alert him to that.]

Case 215

And once again, it is December!!

We've got about 20ish days left until Christmas, so that means shopping and wrapping misadventures galore!!

And that means I need to get a list together. What does everybody want for Christmas!

And be specific. I wanna get people exactly what they want, and even if it's not exactly a surprise, at least people'll end up happy, right?

Case 214


Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, yeah? Anybody got any big plans? Or parties going on?

[Somebody has no plans this year for Thanksgiving. Or his birthday. Which is 5 days after Thanksgiving.]

I hope so. Thanksgiving's a great holiday. Lots of food. The only problem is turkey makes you fall asleep...which isn't a bad thing if you're in a place where you can fall asleep with impunity.

...anybody know where to buy premade turkey? I think if I tried to make it myself...bad things would happen...heh.

Case 213



[Wow this is awkward.]

...so...we should maybe probably talk about this weekend, huh...

Case 212 [Accidental Video]

[Hanna's setting up the kitchen table in his apartment for what appears to be a fancy, almost romantic dinner for two. The whole apartment looks a bit cleaner, well put together, as if somebody else is there to keep Hanna's boundless insane messiness in check.]

Okay, table set, got the candles, the flowers...Should probably put something else on, look nice...

[He gulps, looking a bit self conscious.]

Right, gotta check on the food...Neil'll laugh if he found out I burned the pizza...twice...

[Hanna sighs, rolling his eyes before going to the kitchen.]

Ahh, no, no, no, don't smoke! Smoke is bad!! Stop it, pizza!!!

[And the video cuts off as Hanna groans and the smoke detector goes off.]

[ooc: Family Day curse, AGAIN. Hanna and Young Neil, or simply Neil, are a young, relatively newly married couple. Hanna here is trying to prepare a romantic dinner for them, but his inability to cook is preventing that from working.]


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